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Slowdown and Network Performance Analysis

As a Network Tuning pioneer of in Brazil, Nap IT focuses attention on performance and slowdown issues. It is because most companies blame the network infrastructure in operation, believing that the performance problem can be resolved by buying new equipment.

Generally, however, most network problems are resolved only by the good network management practices implementation. This is the Network Tuning role, which involves an adjustments series to the existing configurations and topology, in order to improve performance and avoid unnecessary investment in new equipment.

Using large networks as an example, Network Tuning can mean savings of millions of dollars in equipment and an increase in user productivity.
Network Tuning can be carried out in a number of ways, such as:

  • Packet prioritization and filtering;
  • Packet loss verification through collision and/or transmission problems;
  • Specific configurations, applied case by case;
  • Network routing and segregation techniques in Vlans;
  • Connectivity type modification (wireless, metallic or optic cable);
  • Uplink speed alteration.
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