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LAN Network

Specialized tools allow the network environment and the IT infrastructure integrity analysis. This analysis results in complete documentation with the environment maturity level diagnosis, possible problems and detected risks.

LAN Analysis Items:

  • Device evaluation;
  • Identify new devices;
  • Map device inventory;
  • Create topology;
  • Analyze device resources;
  • Evaluate network;
  • Analyze network problems;
  • Identify, locate and resolve LOOPs in the network;
  • Analyze network performance;
  • Identify VLANs and analyze TRUNKs;
  • Analyze network resources;
  • Evaluate critical applications;
  • Analyze virtualized environment integrity;
  • Analyze critical application performance;
  • Analyze traffic trends;
  • Analyze risks;
  • Analyze traffic anomalies;
  • Analyze unauthorized devices.


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