Analysis and Optimization of Networks (LAN , WAN , WLAN)

Business applications provided by networks perform many different tasks, from email access to Internet pages and client orders. For the company business to be successful, these applications need to deliver fast responses and always be available.

As companies are using these applications to perform more and more tasks, the traffic flow and complexity increase and create system slowdowns or interruptions. In this scenario, Nap IT applies solutions that enable virtualization, which are techniques to separate application and operational systems from physical components throughout the company.

The solutions optimize network, server and storage environments, increasing efficiency, security and availability levels. Virtualization also increases IT response capacity by eliminating physical restrictions and automating routine processes.


Specialized tools allow the network environment analysis and the IT infrastructure integrity. This analysis results in complete documentation with the environment maturity level, possible problems and detected risks diagnosis.



WAN environment analysis, also carried out using specialized tools, aims to understand traffic behavior, congestion and service quality characteristics. Network traffic needs to be modeled and understood through constant analysis, with a high resolution degree, including packets and descriptive statistics analysis.



The Site Survey – the WLAN/Wireless Network analysis – contributes in reducing inadequate installation risks, preventing unnecessary investments and demonstrating the real investment needs. It also allows the necessary improvements identification in a functioning network.