Arezzo Networks

Nap IT customizes Arezzo network infrastructure to ensure high data center performance.

Performance and Safety e-Sales

e-Sales invests in network segmentation to increase data safety and performance.

Quilmes Wireless Network

Quilmes Wireless Network has 93% improvement with the NAP IT performance.

Ceitec Communication

Nap IT integrates Cisco solution and ensures efficiency in communication from Ceitec.

Souza Cruz Global Project

Nap IT is involved in the Unified Communications global project modernization by Souza Cruz.

Souza Cruz Wi-Fi

Networks Mapping and analysis improves Wi-Fi performance in Souza Cruz in Uberlândia.

R$ 1.4 mi Souza Cruz Economics Project

Nap IT deploys Cisco solutions at Souza Cruz to save up to $ 1.4 million in five years.

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