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ComputerWorld: I migrated my data center to the cloud. And now, am I sure?

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Lucas Chies, Nap IT Cloud Computing Engineer, explains how appropriate configurations can ensure the security of the migration from a data center to the cloud Cloud services are increasingly being used by businesses. This is a fact. But how can you make sure your data is completely secure, for example, when a company decides to [...]

Do you want to use the Cloud? 5 Reasons to Choose Nap IT as IT Consulting

2018-09-24T02:19:10-03:0021/06/2017|Categories: Cloud Computing|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Find out how our team can help your company grow, with better results from the technology industry Do you prefer to see your company's IT sector working to deliver solutions related to the operation core business or solving technology failures, updates and contingencies? If the answer is the second option, the tip is simple: get [...]

Why your business needs an IT consulting to use the Cloud

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Its operation will have to combine, more and more, the infrastructure installed with new technologies, such as the Cloud. In order to make it simpler, the tip is having a specialized consultant support If your company still does not work with Cloud Computing, sooner or later it will integrate some of these features into its [...]

Customization: How to have the best of Cloud Computing!

2018-09-28T00:23:22-03:0026/04/2017|Categories: Cloud Computing|Tags: , , , |

Hiring services is not enough: your company can have better results when looking for tailored and customized solutions to the operation needs In the technology world, offering IT support and customization has helped many companies achieve better results. An example of such a scenario is the work on Cloud Computing, which is booming, delivering a [...]

4 Valuable tips for your business to start using Cloud Computing

2018-09-28T22:32:49-03:0006/04/2017|Categories: Cloud Computing|Tags: , , |

See how Analysis, Planning, Strategy and Support will make it easier to integrate your business with Cloud Computing Today, many companies already know that Cloud Computing can deliver such benefits as cost savings and improved performance in technologies. On the other hand, identifying the right time when and how to start using this feature is [...]

Cloud or Traditional IT applications: which one is the rightest for my company?

2018-09-28T22:48:13-03:0029/03/2017|Categories: Cloud Computing, Network Infrastructure|Tags: , , , , |

See benefits and counterparts of each technology model available and discover how to integrate these possibilities in your daily life In recent years, large companies have come up with the challenge of understanding how IT advances can be applied in their operations. The main question, in this case, is to know which model to choose [...]

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