Telephony Management

e-Book Telephony Management: How to Adopt and Reduce Costs

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Many companies do not know how to properly manage telecom costs and need to find solutions that save money Telephony is often one of the main factors of a company's high costs for a number of reasons. Among them, we can highlight the knowledge lack about the contracts made with the operators; the control lack [...]

Cisco Live: Souza Cruz invests in IP telephony

2018-11-05T02:42:19-03:0026/04/2016|Categories: Successful Cases, Telephony Management|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Solution for IP telephony, such as Cisco Call Manager allows you to define lower cost route in DDD connections, besides making inbound connections to avoid DDI calls In order to reduce costs and modernize its IP telephony systems, Souza Cruz has updated its sites infrastructure. Within this project, Nap IT undertook an intense evaluation in [...]

Why outsource telephony management?

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The telecommunications area allows the company to save money. In order to do so, it is necessary to apply the Telecom Expense Management In order for companies to remain competitive, they need to adjust their budgets by acting to reduce costs in some processes. The Telecom area, for example, is one that allows expenses reduction, [...]

Learn the steps to integrate telephony management and reduce costs

2018-11-06T16:10:42-03:0001/03/2016|Categories: Telephony Management|Tags: , , , |

There are three key Telecom Expense Management pillars that allow for a significant reduction in telephone bills Having a striking savings in monthly telephony costs, one option indicated by Telecom experts is to implement telephony management, such as the Telecom Expenses Management (TEM) or Telecom Expense Management methodology. In telephony management, three pillars support all [...]

Have you checked your company’s telephone bills?

2018-11-06T15:40:16-03:0023/02/2016|Categories: Telephony Management|Tags: , , , |

If providing communication to employees, customers and suppliers, your company is spending a fortune, it's time to think about Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Telephony is one of the main corporate market tools to meet the communication between employees, customers and suppliers. Precisely because it aims at quality communication, companies often invest heavily in telephony systems. [...]

Case: Understand how to troubleshoot cell phone signal failures in your business

2018-11-06T18:05:18-03:0021/01/2016|Categories: Successful Cases, Telephony Management|Tags: , , , , , |

How to increase the GSM and 3G network reach? If your business is experiencing cellular signal failures, be aware that one of your first challenges is to come up with a diagnosis that will allow you to improve your network infrastructure physical environment and the capacity. As a wireless network, a solution to identify such [...]

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