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Decision Report: Nap IT secures mobility at Sanofi’s new headquarters

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With the challenge of creating an interconnected network on a 9-floor-building company. NAP IT worked in the consulting and assistance project guaranteeing the employees' connection quality and safety Thinking about the life quality oof its 1500 employees and the its company suitability to global sustainability standards, Sanofi, a multinational pharmaceutical company, started a bold project. [...]

Marcelo Veriato Lima arrives at Nap IT and reinforces GAS team

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With the new services expanding objective in Brazil and abroad, the professional assumes as Datacenter & Automation Consulting Engineer With more than 18 years of experience in the Networks, Security and Operating Systems areas, Marcelo Veriato Lima is part of the Nap IT Global Advanced Services (GAS) team. According to Luis Lhulier, Nap IT CTO [...]

ComputerWorld: What is the NOC and for what it is?

2018-11-05T17:02:58-03:0015/08/2018|Categories: About Us, In the Press, Services and Solutions|Tags: , , , , |

In an article published by ComputerWorld Portal, Sandra Woodward, Nap IT Sales Director, explains how the Network Operations Center (NOC) helps companies manage their technology environments In an increasingly globalized and connected world, a simple internet downturn can jeopardize all the company operations. Many companies typically use part of their IT professionals to control this [...]

Cisco Live: The Corporate Networks New Reality

2018-09-10T21:48:48-03:0027/06/2018|Categories: About Us, In the Press|Tags: , , , , |

In a paper published in Cisco Live Magazine, Rodrigo Alabarce, Nap IT CEO, analyzes how companies should plan for Digital Transformation in their IT networks Believe it: the internet and technology are changing and will transform the way your business works. So the way is to get ready for the future and start planning today [...]

Computerworld: During the World Cup, do not score against your company network

2018-09-10T20:09:41-03:0006/06/2018|Categories: About Us, In the Press|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Check out the article by Luis Lhullier, IT Office Chief at Nap IT, about the care companies need to have for the connection not to fall while the Brazilian team plays Have you stopped to think that in the World Cup period, the number of accesses to the matches videos by streaming increases, generating a [...]

ComputerWorld: I migrated my data center to the cloud. And now, am I sure?

2018-09-10T21:56:34-03:0023/05/2018|Categories: About Us, Cloud Computing, In the Press, Nap IT Backstage|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

Lucas Chies, Nap IT Cloud Computing Engineer, explains how appropriate configurations can ensure the security of the migration from a data center to the cloud Cloud services are increasingly being used by businesses. This is a fact. But how can you make sure your data is completely secure, for example, when a company decides to [...]

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