Network Infrastructure

Cisco Certification in the Business Area for IT Providers

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Having certified commercial teams is the first step for all care to be able and assertive When it comes to preventing or solving a technology problem, overcoming the "commercial without technical knowledge" barrier is the first step for technology managers and CIOs. When it comes to large operations, hiring technology services is the essential point [...]

5 Tips for your business avoiding problems with the Corporate Network

2018-11-05T17:11:04-03:0022/08/2018|Categories: Network Analysis, Network Infrastructure|Tags: , , , , |

How to manage and monitor your company's Network Infrastructure can prevent problems with the corporate network in a more agile and intelligent way Do you know what a production line and an office have in common when it comes to productivity? Network infrastructure can never stop. The problem is that sometimes the internet fails, does [...]

Diário do Comércio Newspaper: Solution identifies more agile and economical options in IT

2018-09-28T00:38:20-03:0004/12/2017|Categories: About Us, In the Press, Network Infrastructure|Tags: , , , |

Using innovative methodologies, Nap IT helps companies keep their network infrastructure in high performance, as was the Souza Cruz case, in the Uberlândia unit Reducing costs is what every business wants, isn’t it? And Nap IT, since 2011, has been solving IT problems for companies in a simpler and more economical way, up to 80% [...]

Nap IT hires wireless network specialist for the GAS área

2018-09-28T16:24:03-03:0027/09/2017|Categories: Nap IT Backstage, Network Infrastructure, Wireless|Tags: , , , , |

Specialist in the wireless networks analysis and management, Carlos Eduardo Borggreve arrives with the mission of consolidating the Site Survey methodology for clients in Brazil and abroad Wireless networks are undoubtedly an increasingly important topic for business success. On the other hand, the opposite is also true: it has never been so challenging to manage [...]

Tip: Check out the licensing and your network infrastructure guarantees!

2018-09-28T17:27:31-03:0029/08/2017|Categories: Network Infrastructure, Wireless|Tags: , , , , |

Your network infrastructure is not always safe from slowness and failure. That is why licensing and warranties are so important. They can save your operation - and your pocket! Imagine that your Wireless network was working perfectly, until a problem happened suddenly. What would your actions be to find out the solution to the problem? [...]

Cloud or Traditional IT applications: which one is the rightest for my company?

2018-09-28T22:48:13-03:0029/03/2017|Categories: Cloud Computing, Network Infrastructure|Tags: , , , , |

See benefits and counterparts of each technology model available and discover how to integrate these possibilities in your daily life In recent years, large companies have come up with the challenge of understanding how IT advances can be applied in their operations. The main question, in this case, is to know which model to choose [...]

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