[eBook] Telepresence: how to have high performance in your meeting at a distance?

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  Download the ebook and find out the 5 essential questions for your company to succeed in implementing telepresence systems Reducing costs and speed internal development. If these two points are part of your company's priorities, then your business has a lot to gain from telepresence. By using collaboration and video conferencing systems it is [...]

[E-book] Optimizing your meetings and SAVING with them

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Learn more about video conferencing systems that will help your business optimize your meetings remotely Did you know that the executive of a large company gets to spend more than 30 hours a week on their meetings? Knowing how to use this time effectively is therefore crucial (not only during agenda appointments, but also before [...]

[eBook] Site Survey: What your wireless network needs to be more efficient

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Download our material and discover how Site Survey has helped IT teams to develop even better Wireless networks With the mobility advancement, businesses can no longer afford to live without an efficient wireless network. For large companies, then, it is a vital demand, which can represent the difference between an operation profit and loss. Thinking [...]

[Video] Site Survey: Transforming Your Company’s Wireless Network

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Find out how to make your wireless network faster and more stable by conducting Site Survey Have you lived that day when your company's internet is slow, causing the your team productivity to drop dramatically? So pay attention: the problem can be solved very quickly and effectively with a Site Survey application. Site Survey: your [...]

[eBook] Wireless Network High Performance Checklist

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Download our Wireless High Performance Checklist for large and mid-sized businesses and find out how to Plan, Install and Manage your enterprise Wi-Fi! The work to implement and manage a corporate network should be quite different from the Wi-Fi we have at home, right? But it is not always the case: sometimes, medium and large [...]

[Video] High performance networking is with Nap IT!

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See what we can do to help your company in achieving high performance networks much more economically and efficiently With the new technologies, keeping the IT network always up-to-dated is a constant challenge. For businesses, these points are even more complex: several improvements and care are needed to avoid losses and problems, such as slow [...]