Network Tuning

Network Tuning: The Network Compressor Problems

2019-04-01T18:04:47-03:0016/10/2018|Categories: Network Tuning|Tags: , , , |

Find out how Network Tuning can maximize a company's work, identifying failure points, downtime, and sluggishness, while delivering cost savings. See the Alexsandro Reimann’s case, network engineer at Nap IT. Reducing costs and maximizing processes within an operation are surely two of any company primary goals. But these challenges must be achieved in a stable [...]

Faster Internet: Network Tuning renews Corporate Wireless

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See how Luis Lhullier transformed Corporate Wireless from an office in New York using only Network Tuning settings and settings Have you ever thought about going to the cafeteria next to your office to use Wi-Fi and work? More than unpleasant, it would be a complete loss to your company operation, right? That was exactly [...]

Network tuning and 60% economy every month: Klaus Engelmann’s case

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See how Klaus Engelmann, Nap IT Network Engineer, has been able to reduce a customer's monthly cost by more than 60% using only Network Tuning Have you ever thought about how it would be good to reduce your internet cost by more than 60% every month and still improve the speed and security of the [...]

[Video] High performance networking is with Nap IT!

2018-09-28T16:41:08-03:0020/09/2017|Categories: Network Tuning, Powerful Materials|Tags: , , , , , |

See what we can do to help your company in achieving high performance networks much more economically and efficiently With the new technologies, keeping the IT network always up-to-dated is a constant challenge. For businesses, these points are even more complex: several improvements and care are needed to avoid losses and problems, such as slow [...]

Nap IT applies Networks Tuning in ATMs

2018-09-28T00:15:35-03:0010/05/2017|Categories: Network Tuning, Successful Cases|Tags: , , , , , |

Integrator made adjustments to self-service terminals, ensuring that the network infrastructure installed in the equipment was able to perform communication between banks and customers safely and without fail Have you ever imagined everything that is needed so that your bank's ATM can provide security, agility and efficiency in every transaction? There are many systems and [...]

Heróis da Rede: Como Rodrigo Alabarce salvou a TI de um grande varejista

2018-08-09T11:04:00-03:0011/01/2017|Categories: Nap IT Backstage, Network Analysis, Network Tuning, Successful Cases|Tags: , |

Veja como o herói dessa série evitou um investimento de R$240 mil após 16 horas de consultoria, com a aplicação do Tuning de Redes Instabilidade de rede, hoje em dia, é sinal de negócios travados e muito prejuízo. Ainda mais quando a empresa mantém centenas de filiais e centros de distribuição, que precisam de uma [...]

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