Nap IT expands portfolio with collaboration solutions Zoom

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In partnership with Mexican distributor West Telco, Nap IT is now the official Zoom collaboration solutions reseller in Brazil with telepresence and unified communications options Nap IT believes that the efficient technology resources use is essential to improving all sizes and segments companies competitiveness. And for it, nothing better than offering tools and solutions in [...]

5 reasons for your company to hold videoconference meetings

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Understand how and why your company will be most effective when conducting videoconferencing meetings in a structured and complete way. You know that talk about that time is money? More than a simple catch phrase, this has been an increasingly real point for most companies. Planning software, online calendars, and digital productivity solutions your team [...]

Find out the Wireless integration step that your company is in

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Learn the advantages and disadvantages of integrating 3 wireless networks modes Everyone knows that makeshift Wireless is not enough to have quality access to the point of meeting corporate needs. Over time, due to the growth and need for wireless connections performance, companies improve network infrastructure by investing in Planned Wireless. But to go further [...]

What Tuning does for wireless and video conferencing performance

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How to identify and correct the wireless connection and videoconferencing systems instabilities without drastic changes in the available infrastructure? It was with this challenge that a company from the pharmaceutical industry sought Nap IT to consolidate a technology integration project capable of solving low access performance to communication systems, promoting more efficient operations. In order [...]

eBook – Videoconference: What is the best technology for your company?

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  Before adopting an integrated videoconferencing system, it is important to analyze some existing infrastructure aspects in the company Videoconferencing today has the ability to integrate teams from anywhere in the world, regardless of the size of an organization, streamlining processes, increasing productivity. Most importantly, it makes communication between employees, customers and suppliers more efficient. [...]

eBook: Videoconferencing: Technology Avoids Travels and Connects Teams

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In addition to saving time and money with executive shifts, videoconferencing provides companies with agility in decision-making For companies that need to bring together teams of collaborators, vendors, and customers that are geographically dispersed, the question often arises: whether to fund travel to meet agendas or invest in videoconferencing solutions? Today, videoconferencing solutions allow professionals [...]

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