Lucas Chies, Nap IT Cloud Computing Engineer, explains how appropriate configurations can ensure the security of the migration from a data center to the cloud

Cloud services are increasingly being used by businesses. This is a fact. But how can you make sure your data is completely secure, for example, when a company decides to migrate a data center to the cloud environment?

According to Lucas Chies, Nap IT Cloud Computing Engineer, the first point you should know is that there is no 100% secure environment; the second one is as follows: you can avoid security breaches, with proper techniques and settings.

This is the central theme of the article I migrated my data center to the cloud. And now, I’m sure?, published on Computerworld website, which shows why the process of migrating to Cloud goes beyond choosing a provider.

How to optimize data center migration to the cloud?

In the text, Chies lists all the required steps to safely transfer data and cites which devices and stages companies need to take into account in the operation – citing appliances and firewalls, for example.

The engineer also emphasizes the need to build a skilled technical team capable of supporting the migration process from starting to finishing and providing all the necessary support.

To read the full article, go to the ComputerWorld Portal and see why the right configuration will make your business save and get more out of the Cloud!


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