Through the Network Assessment methodology, we offer a detailed analysis of the network environment. The study provides a report on infrastructure needs and an assertive diagnosis on the integrations to be applied in the network design.

Network Assessments cover the following topics:

  • Map device inventory;
  • Evaluate the devices and its requirements, new or unauthorized;
  • Create the topology;
  • Identify, locate and resolve LOOPs in the network;
  • Analyze network performance and problems;
  • Identify VLANs and analyze TRUNKs;
  • Evaluate critical applications;
  • Analyze the integrity of the virtualized environment;
  • Analyze the performance of critical applications;
  • Analize resources, tendencies and anomalous traffic;
  • Analyze risks.


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    I need to understand of the network I'm managingI have problems related to network slowness and crashesI need to generate documentation to replace current networking technologyI have to expand my operation and increase the structureI have to budget a new project that could happen in the next six months


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