The corporate solutions market offers solutions ranging from smartphone communication to the integration of large immersive telepresence rooms that bring together high-performance audio, video and collaboration.

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Software based: It connects desktops and mobile devices through videoconference. This solution offers high mobility and low adaptation cost to the local infrastructure.

Traveling video conference: This solution is integrated in a Rack (on-wheels structure), so that it can be taken to any room or space where video conference is required.

Integrated rooms: This solution is composed of an encoder, monitors, cameras and microphones, creating a single space. It can serve many or just one user by using a simple multipurpose monitor.

Immersive telepresence: High definition audio and video, large screens, cameras, high fidelity audio capture and projection rooms designed to give the impression that all participants are seated at the same table. One of the advantages of this model is the inclusion of collaboration and security features.


    From 1 to 50From 51 to 500More than 501

    Only software for desktops and mobile devicesDesktop software, mobile version and integrated with specific videoconferencing equipment

    I want to optimize meetings and reduce travel expensesI want to professionalize the video conferences I already haveI want to replace my current technology


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