Network Operations Center – NOC

The health of the network environment is a key issue for a company’s business success. For this reason, the network infrastructure needs to be monitored in order to anticipate vulnerabilities to failures, slowness and attacks.

The NOC – Network Operations Center is a solution that acts in the management of all connected equipment, providing graphs and maps that allow you to monitor all the data that passes through the network. One of the advantages is that everything can be accessed via smartphone, facilitating the visibility of traffic and the identification of failures.

Nap IT offers network management services in the 24X7 or 8X5 regime, and a team of specialists who act at the source of the problem with speed and assertiveness.

The main items that are monitored by NOC, are:

  • Internet and WAN links (MPLS);
  • Operating systems and applications;
  • Network assets;
  • Servers.


    From 1 to 50From 51 to 500More than 501

    They are connected within a single business unitThey are connected in various business units within the countryThey are connected in more than one country

    8x5 service24x7 service

    Service only in PortugueseBilingual service (Portuguese and English)

    We want to begin the implementation of network monitoring model.We want to professionalize what is done internally todayWe want to replace our current supplier


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