Network Tuning


As a pioneer in Network Tuning in Brazil, Nap IT addresses execution, performance and slowness issues as a priority. This because, we know that most companies condemn technologies in operation, believing that the performance problem will be solved only by purchasing and integrating new equipment. However, these problems can often be solved by implementing good practices in managing the technology environment.

technology environment.

This is the function of Network Tuning – acting through a set of optimizations in the configurations of the existing topology.

Learn about the different ways Network Tuning works:

  • Prioritization and package filtering;
  • Verification of package loss due to collision and / or transmission problems;
  • Specific settings, applied on a case by case basis;
  • Network routing and segregation techniques in VLANS;
  • Modification of the means of connectivity (wireless, metallic or optical cable);
  • Changing the speed of uplinks.

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