One of the most common mistakes in corporations is to integrate the wireless network in an unstructured manner, excluding processes of analysis and sizing of the environment. To ensure a planned wireless network infrastructure for customers, we apply solutions such as Wireless Planning and Wireless Site Survey.


For new wireless deployment projects, Wireless Planning is a solution focused on custom planning of radio frequency (RF) architecture and access points. The solution simulates an optimized environment, determining the best technology and the number of Access Points needed to integrate a stable, well-dimensioned and scalable network, with fast and efficient connection.

Wireless Site Survey

The Site Survey makes a thorough analysis of the technology environment to identify the characteristics of the network infrastructure to be installed, or even to assess barriers that generate shadows areas and signal interference, hindering the correct functioning of an existing wireless network. The solution adapts the network to the topology of the environment and balances the devices in an optimized way.

The functions of the Wireless Site Survey and Wireless Planning are:

  • Analyze and size the coverage area;
  • Identify the data transmission capacity that the network must support;
  • Identify the signal quality required for the proper functioning of the network;
  • Identify necessary equipment for the perfect functioning of the network;
  • Map the quantity of access points;
  • Verify the specific level of security required for the network.


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