NOC Advantages: the 3 main active network monitoring functions

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Find out what your business gains from active network monitoring offered by an efficient NOC system Is your technology team often tasked with developing a new project while monitoring the network infrastructure to avoid failures and connection problems? If so, evaluate whether you can plan and monitor well at the same time. Certainly, for the [...]

5 Tips for your business avoiding problems with the Corporate Network

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How to manage and monitor your company's Network Infrastructure can prevent problems with the corporate network in a more agile and intelligent way Do you know what a production line and an office have in common when it comes to productivity? Network infrastructure can never stop. The problem is that sometimes the internet fails, does [...]

eBook: How to use Information Security for the benefit of your business?

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The technology has the supporting companies' growth processes mission and strategies, as well as allowing access to the internet to streamline communication between employees, partners and customers. However, such interconnections may leave the computer network vulnerable to attack. Current information security systems allow the company data monitoring according to the established your business security policies [...]

5 factors that drive your computer network to slowness

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Is your computer network compromised? Learn/know five reasons that may be influencing your technology low performance Many factors can influence the computer network performance. For the user, compromising corporate infrastructure is often felt by the slowness between an operation and its response time. And your diagnosis is based on your routine tasks, whether it's reading [...]

Baguette: The tuning applied to computer networks

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Even with daily news about technological innovations, the companies IT infrastructure is increasingly being treated as a commodity. This is due to the access level to equipment, which makes the strategic and competitive differential, in general, not in the technology acquired, but in the planning and these assets management. In the data communication area ​​, [...]

Computer World: 8 Tips to improve your network performance

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Simple configuration rules can increase the computer network performance, ensuring greater productivity in companies The computer network is responsible for connecting all the technological systems of a company, as well as a good part of its employees. Due to the symptoms presence such as slowdowns, connection drops, noise and even phone connection failures, the computer [...]