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Tele.sinthesis Portal: Is your Cloud Network ready for ICT?

2019-04-01T19:48:01-03:0029/11/2018|Categories: Network Analysis|Tags: , , |

In an article published by Tele.síntese Portal, Lucas Chies, our cloud solutions engineer, talks about the ICT program and how it can be used to guarantee the security of a company's data Do you already know Trusted Internet Connections - the ICT? It is a program that aims to ensure good practices for optimization processes [...]

Document Management: Nap IT segments e-Sales network to optimize data performance and security

2018-11-06T17:00:41-03:0008/03/2016|Categories: About Us, Network Security|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

In order to organize the data network, direct customers to the correct services line and reduce noise among departments, e-Sales, a company specialized in intra-company processes, has invested in segmentation of its network environment  The project counted on the Nap IT specialization, corporate networks consulting and solutions integration, to define the best practices, configure the [...]

eBook: How to use Information Security for the benefit of your business?

2019-08-14T13:23:08-03:0028/01/2016|Categories: Network Security, Powerful Materials|Tags: , , |

The technology has the supporting companies' growth processes mission and strategies, as well as allowing access to the internet to streamline communication between employees, partners and customers. However, such interconnections may leave the computer network vulnerable to attack. Current information security systems allow the company data monitoring according to the established your business security policies [...]

Nap IT has new experts to work on Cloud projects and Research

2018-11-06T17:12:54-03:0019/01/2016|Categories: Cloud Computing, Nap IT Backstage|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Willian Kuga and Cyril Adet bring extensive experience in IT and will support projects that rely on technologies and market trends The information technology market is constantly evolving, and among the latest innovations is the cloud services consolidation as well as intellectual property solutions. Meeting the growing demands, Nap IT has just strengthened its experts [...]

3 Characteristics of the most effective organizations in the IS question

2019-04-09T19:14:48-03:0005/01/2016|Categories: Network Security|Tags: , , |

Users are awakening to the need to be secure in their information. It makes public-facing organizations reinforce their policing in privacy policies. As more companies outsource their operations and make mobility their premise for subsistence, Information Security becomes a daily necessity. See if you are among the most effective companies: 1º – No money, no [...]

Ten Tips: Best Practices in Information Security

2019-04-09T22:52:54-03:0015/10/2015|Categories: Network Security|Tags: , , , |

Security gaps can hurt what your business has most valuable - information, but small attitudes and investments can minimize the risks The maxim is true: companies need extreme security measures to combat extreme threats. That said, here are 10 best practices that could protect your company's digital security threats significant portion. Corporate Security consumes a [...]

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