Computerworld: During the World Cup, do not score against your company network

2018-09-10T20:09:41-03:0006/06/2018|Categories: About Us, In the Press|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Check out the article by Luis Lhullier, IT Office Chief at Nap IT, about the care companies need to have for the connection not to fall while the Brazilian team plays Have you stopped to think that in the World Cup period, the number of accesses to the matches videos by streaming increases, generating a [...]

Nap IT applies Networks Tuning in ATMs

2018-09-28T00:15:35-03:0010/05/2017|Categories: Network Tuning, Successful Cases|Tags: , , , , , |

Integrator made adjustments to self-service terminals, ensuring that the network infrastructure installed in the equipment was able to perform communication between banks and customers safely and without fail Have you ever imagined everything that is needed so that your bank's ATM can provide security, agility and efficiency in every transaction? There are many systems and [...]

Souza Cruz’s CID integration awards Nap IT expertise team

2018-09-03T14:52:29-03:0011/10/2016|Categories: Nap IT Backstage, Network Infrastructure, Network Tuning, Successful Cases|Tags: , , , , , |

Faced with many challenges, Nap IT was responsible for developing a project for a new Souza Cruz Distribution Center. Early delivery yielded prizes abroad Defining a network parameters and settings, even in the simplest analyzes, is a job that requires knowledge. Imagine, now, what is it like to accomplish the design, deployment and the entire [...]

New technologies integration for telepresence ensures better performance in remote meetings

2018-11-06T15:57:48-03:0016/02/2016|Categories: Network Tuning, Videoconferência|Tags: , , , , |

Even with three models of rooms equipped for videoconferencing, including telepresence, the company invests in new technologies to obtain a global connection One industry, a Nap IT client, invested in a project to integrate new technologies for the infrastructure of its videoconferencing systems. The goal was to improve performance globally and also provide new resources [...]

Slowdown and instability in your network infrastructure?

2019-04-09T21:08:49-03:0004/11/2015|Categories: Network Infrastructure, Wireless|Tags: , , , |

Network Tuning customizes technologies installed in the network infrastructure so that they operate with high availability and remain stable and secure The IT area of ​​many companies simply despairs when the network infrastructure is sluggish and instability. That is because, these problems are already directly associated with the imminent investments need with the equipment exchange [...]

Nap IT: Strengthened team towards new horizons

2019-04-09T21:27:09-03:0028/10/2015|Categories: Nap IT Backstage|Tags: , , , |

Recent hirings are aimed at structuring the company to operate in new regions of Brazil, expand product line for network infrastructure and improve the services quality With four-year-experience in the technology market, Nap IT has been innovating its line of services in the network infrastructure sector in order to add value and improve the projects [...]

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