Infrastructure Architecture: 5 Tips for a Successful Project

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What steps does your business need to take to scale and ensure that their business is not impacted by technology failures? Get expert tips from Marcelo Veriato Lima for infrastructure architecture projects We have already presented here, on the Nap IT blog, the main mistakes companies make when not investing in infrastructure architecture projects, according [...]

José Mauro da Silva reinforces Nap IT performance in the Southeast region

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As Business Director, José Mauro aims to expand to other segments and manage new team in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The Nap IT new reinforcement, José Mauro da Silva arrives with the developing business and strengthening relationships with current customers function, manufacturers and distributors. He is a Multirede founder and former president of [...]

Illustrated Successful Case | Major Fashion Retailer Saves 240,000 After Implementing Network Tuning

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Download the material and learn how NAP IT prevented the company from investing in new technologies with the network tuning help. The company was slow in its network infrastructure, impacting several critical systems, and already had plans to invest in new equipment. Against this backdrop, Nap IT - Global Network Solutions was hired for its [...]

Successful Case: Souza Cruz in the Southern Cone with the Network Operation Center (NOC)

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Check out the results that the Network Operation Center (NOC) generated for Souza Cruz, which now integrates the same solutions in Southern Cone countries. Identifying major communication system failures and make adjustments before new problems occur. It was with these goals that Souza Cruz once again counted on services at Nap IT, now with the [...]

Infrastructure Architecture: know the mistakes made by companies and the most applied models

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Infrastructure and application architecture must go hand in hand for your company to scale technologies while maintaining high performance. Do you know how important infrastructure architecture is to your business? It is about this theme that will be addressed in today's post by Marcelo Veriato Lima, our Data Center Engineer. According to the engineer, no [...]

Nap IT expands team to Chile unit

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Network Engineer Omar Aguirre arrives to meet Nap IT customer demands in South American countries Serving customers through a highly qualified team is a premise for Nap IT in all regions where it operates. To this end, the company announces Omar Aguirre’s hiring as Network Engineer for the Chilean unit. Among his duties, the professional [...]