IT Forum 365: Former Orange, Carlos Monaco is Nap IT

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Executive arrives the mission to expand operations in São Paulo and contribute to the R$50 million billing over the next three years Carlos Monaco, Orange Sales former director, has already a new home: Nap IT, a Brazilian corporate network consulting and IT solutions integration company based in Porto Alegre, RS. The executive will be based [...]

Decision Report: Souza Cruz bets on web application platform

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Souza Cruz has signed a contract with to support and develop Sharepoint technology. With a web application platform, Sharepoint technology will offer collaboration for document sharing and will allow Souza Cruz to perform better project management. The ideal Sharepoint technology model was designed by based on a deep analysis carried out in Souza [...]

OverBR: Aluisio Andrade is hired as Operations and Services director by Nap IT

2019-04-09T22:16:44-03:0010/06/2015|Categories: About Us|Tags: , , , , , |

OverBR: In order to increase the projects and services quality and safety level, expanding its business to new segments and regions, Nap IT, a Brazilian company specialized in Corporate Network Consulting and IT Solution Integration, hires Aluisio Andrade as Operations and Services director. The executive responsibilities are distributed in defined lines, such as Network Consulting and [...]

Call Center: Souza Cruz cuts costs in telesales

2019-05-27T00:28:02-03:0024/04/2015|Categories: Telephony Management|Tags: , , |

Telephony management system should generate savings of R$1.7 million in 2015 In order to balance the expenses on calls to cell phones, Souza Cruz invested in a telephony management system for telesales. That's because, more than 13,000 calls per day, 7,000 out of them are for mobile phones with higher rates. The implementation began with [...]

TI Inside: 2015 will bring an open standard for IoT?

2019-05-27T00:36:36-03:0002/03/2015|Categories: In the Press|Tags: , , , , |

Remote access to information has grown as the number of machines, people, and connected things increases. Has remote access to information been growing? as it increases the number of machines, people and things connected. This process created the "Internet of Things" (IoT) as a trend that, despite being experienced, needs to be demystified. Reaching a [...]

Doc Management: Design for Internet of Things

2019-05-27T00:51:37-03:0015/02/2015|Categories: In the Press|Tags: , , |

NapIT - Network Solutions, a Brazilian company specialized in corporate network consulting and IT solutions integration, announces a merger with Codi.Mobi, software solutions developer. Based on strategic objectives, companies will unite competencies to provide infrastructure solutions and develop applications, aiming at consolidation in the Internet of Things (IoT) segment. With the merger, investment of at [...]

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