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Network Assessment and Tuning: applications have returned high-performance technologies to BAT Argentina

2019-04-01T20:21:51-03:0029/11/2018|Categories: Successful Cases|Tags: , , |

Internet slowness and falls typically impact business productivity. Although this scenario is very well-known nowadays, the solution is not always to buy technologies With the mission of identifying the reasons for a poor entire network environment performance, and mainly addressing failures and declines in voice calls and e-mail traffic, BAT British American Tobacco Argentina at [...]

5 Tips for your business avoiding problems with the Corporate Network

2018-11-05T17:11:04-03:0022/08/2018|Categories: Network Analysis, Network Infrastructure|Tags: , , , , |

How to manage and monitor your company's Network Infrastructure can prevent problems with the corporate network in a more agile and intelligent way Do you know what a production line and an office have in common when it comes to productivity? Network infrastructure can never stop. The problem is that sometimes the internet fails, does [...]

Structured Cabling: Is your company prepared to grow?

2019-04-09T19:28:13-03:0017/12/2015|Categories: Network Infrastructure|Tags: , , , |

A structured cabling project allows you to scale the technologies according to the corporate needs and growth potential of the company  If your company plans an expansion phase, surely one of the first steps should be planning the network infrastructure, along with choosing the right equipment and business-aligned configurations. In addition, in order to avoid [...]

Network Tuning: the best performance for your technologies

2019-05-27T21:50:38-03:0031/08/2015|Categories: Network Tuning|Tags: , , , , , |

If you have purchased equipment to extend your network performance and still have a slowdown problem, applying a Network Tuning will allow your technology to reach its highest capacity There are times when your network infrastructure does not meet your business objectives. With it, you discredit your network equipment capacity and tend to seek investments [...]

Is your network environment slow? Find out the best time to change equipment

2019-05-27T22:02:59-03:0024/08/2015|Categories: Network Analysis, Network Infrastructure, Wireless|Tags: , , , , |

Performance issues require a detailed network environment assessment of the – an Assessment. This technical report will point out the best decision to make When your company's network infrastructure experiences performance issues, it is normal for your IT staff to be in doubt about doing maintenance or changing equipment, especially when it comes to making [...]

Network Assessment: What is it and what is it for?

2019-05-27T23:21:43-03:0013/08/2015|Categories: Network Analysis, Network Infrastructure, Wireless|Tags: , , , |

Do you know your network environment? No? So, we invite you to apply the Network Assessment It sounds complicated, but Network Assessment is nothing more than your current network environment snapshot. This photo demonstrates where all the devices in your network are connected, the settings applied, the physical and logical topology. It is the evaluation [...]

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