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Network Heroes: In 30 minutes, Gabriel Couto solves connection failure in company

2018-09-28T23:51:39-03:0022/02/2017|Categories: Nap IT Backstage, Network Analysis, Successful Cases|Tags: , , |

Network Engineer identified and corrected issues that were hampering the Nap IT client's tobacco storage department productivity In increasingly complex and connected processes, any IT problem can have a major impact. Example? One of the Nap IT customers, due to a simple failure to connect to the network, had to face its production line practical [...]

Network Heroes: in 40 minutes, engineer does link reconfiguration and avoids damage in factory

2018-09-29T00:06:52-03:0008/02/2017|Categories: Nap IT Backstage, Network Infrastructure, Successful Cases|Tags: , , , |

See how Gustavo Emerim helped a large industry to avoid losses after the connection link drop, which harmed every corporate communication system and approximately 500 employees What would you do if your company's network infrastructure stopped, with no return forecast? What if this interruption meant, in practice, the operation suspension, with services unavailability such as [...]

Network Heroes: how Klaus Engelmann ended a large industry network slowness

2018-09-29T00:15:39-03:0024/01/2017|Categories: Nap IT Backstage, Network Analysis, Successful Cases, Wireless|Tags: , , |

With network analysis and tuning techniques, Klaus Engelmann has adjusted an automotive parts industry LAN, solving locking and signal failure problems Nowadays, the Internet connection offers integration and communication quality for companies, even more so when the production processes require several steps and pass through different areas. It is what has led many companies to [...]

Network Heroes: Discover how a Network Engineer can save your operation

2018-09-29T00:43:21-03:0004/01/2017|Categories: Nap IT Backstage|Tags: , , |

In the new Nap IT blog series, you'll see stories that present real and critical situations that have been solved with a high assertiveness degree by our network engineers What does your company do when a technical failure in the network interrupts an operation? And when the connection oscillates and falls constantly, damaging the most [...]

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