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Nap IT announces expansion with three overseas branches

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The United States, Portugal and Chile were the countries strategically chosen by Nap IT to serve customers throughout the Americas and the European Union with even more excellence In order to be closer to customers who already work abroad and opening new markets, Nap IT has expanded its operations with the opening of new offices [...]

Network Tuning: The Network Compressor Problems

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Find out how Network Tuning can maximize a company's work, identifying failure points, downtime, and sluggishness, while delivering cost savings. See the Alexsandro Reimann’s case, network engineer at Nap IT. Reducing costs and maximizing processes within an operation are surely two of any company primary goals. But these challenges must be achieved in a stable [...]

[Video] Network Tuning for Telepresence: well-configured meeting

2018-09-10T22:05:39-03:0021/06/2018|Categories: Telepresence|Tags: , , , , , , , |

See how to optimize your distance meetings using the maximum performance of your technology infrastructure Are you one of those who still think that Telepresence is a very expensive and complicated option to transform your company's communication? If so, you'd better check out this video from Nap IT on the application of Network Tuning for [...]

Nap IT applies Networks Tuning in ATMs

2018-09-28T00:15:35-03:0010/05/2017|Categories: Network Tuning, Successful Cases|Tags: , , , , , |

Integrator made adjustments to self-service terminals, ensuring that the network infrastructure installed in the equipment was able to perform communication between banks and customers safely and without fail Have you ever imagined everything that is needed so that your bank's ATM can provide security, agility and efficiency in every transaction? There are many systems and [...]

DCI: Network Tuning – A Disruptive Business

2018-09-14T13:18:59-03:0026/08/2016|Categories: About Us, In the Press, Network Tuning|Tags: , , |

Rodrigo Alabarce, the company CEO, presents Network Tuning as a disruptive business model, which differs from conventional technology services, but guarantees high added value to companies. Check out in full the article published in DCI - Diário, Comércio, Indústria e Serviços, one of the most traditional newspapers focused on industry in the state of São [...]

What Tuning does for wireless and video conferencing performance

2018-11-04T21:50:58-03:0027/07/2016|Categories: Network Analysis, Network Tuning, Videoconferência|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

How to identify and correct the wireless connection and videoconferencing systems instabilities without drastic changes in the available infrastructure? It was with this challenge that a company from the pharmaceutical industry sought Nap IT to consolidate a technology integration project capable of solving low access performance to communication systems, promoting more efficient operations. In order [...]

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