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Nap IT announces expansion with three overseas branches

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The United States, Portugal and Chile were the countries strategically chosen by Nap IT to serve customers throughout the Americas and the European Union with even more excellence In order to be closer to customers who already work abroad and opening new markets, Nap IT has expanded its operations with the opening of new offices [...]

ComputerWorld: attack visibility minimizes data loss

2019-04-09T20:05:31-03:0002/12/2015|Categories: Network Security|Tags: , , , , , |

Whether it is a multi-vendor solution or a single technology, it is essential that there are features that show the source of the attacks Rodrigo Alabarce* We all know that companies need a great technological apparatus to carry out their activities and processes. It includes a high-performance network infrastructure, operating systems, cloud storage and especially [...]

Nap IT founder reports on his trajectory and entrepreneurial vision

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Rodrigo Alabarce, Network Specialist and Nap IT CEO, tells how he idealized his company and consolidated innovation and transparency concepts for his clients Nap IT - Network Solutions reached the information technology market in 2011, with the mission of acting within a new concept - Network Tuning, a service that customizes technologies so that they [...]

ComputerWorld: Network sniper and the decision time

2019-05-26T23:55:22-03:0027/04/2015|Categories: In the Press|Tags: , , , , |

A sniper takes risks when making his decisions, but is generally confident that he will give the right shot For a sniper squeezing the trigger may be the easiest part of a set tasks that requires planning, observation, intelligence, and assertiveness. In the network professional day-to-day, it is nothing different. Imagine what it is like [...]

IP News: Site Survey and Wireless Efficiency

2019-05-27T14:41:50-03:0028/01/2015|Categories: About Us, Network Analysis, Wireless|Tags: , , , , |

Site Survey and wireless network efficiency * By Rodrigo Alabarce In today's corporate infrastructures, wireless networks bring mobility and add dynamism to the environment. However, if it is misconfigured, it ends up impacting administrative and operational processes, even affecting the organization core. In order to implement a wireless network in any type and company size [...]

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