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Cisco Certification: NAP IT Business Area is 100% Certified

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Ensuring highly consultative, business-to-business contact, Nap IT professionals qualify with the Cisco Business Architecture Analyst There are several reasons why NAP IT achieved the goal of having its technical and commercial teams fully certified. Among them, we can cite the responsibility to be a Cisco Premier partner, we have the concern to offer the best [...]

Nap IT is Cisco Recognized and Receives Sales Volume Award

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The Regional Award - South Award was given to Sandra Woodward, Nap IT commercial director, which highlights among her certifications the Cisco Business Architecture Analyst During the Cisco Connect, event dedicated to partners and held on September 19, in São Paulo, Nap IT was recognized by Cisco com Regional Award - South Award, in the [...]

Security Report Portal: My site has been hacked, and now?

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Featured in Security Report Portal, the article by Sandra Woodward, Nap IT Solutions in Digital Security commercial manager, guides companies on hacking attack Let's start this text with two essential questions: How important is your business to digital security planning? And what does your company do when it finds that your site is compromised after [...]

Baguete: Former SAP is Nap IT commercial manager

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Nap IT announces Sandra Woodward’s hiring With the expanding revenue goal, in addition to strengthening partnerships with suppliers, Nap IT announces the commercial manager Sandra Woodward’s hiring. The professional, with more than 15-year experience in Sales and Marketing, comes to the company with some outlined goals, how to plan and implement sales strategy, opening new [...]

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