NOC Advantages: the 3 main active network monitoring functions

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Find out what your business gains from active network monitoring offered by an efficient NOC system Is your technology team often tasked with developing a new project while monitoring the network infrastructure to avoid failures and connection problems? If so, evaluate whether you can plan and monitor well at the same time. Certainly, for the [...]

How to monitor the network environment in your business

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Here's how to optimize the network environment monitoring in your company and discover the differences between having a team of your own or outsourcing specialized support Who ever accompanies the Nap IT Blog already knows that monitoring network performance is essential to keeping all applications and connections performing. But have you ever stopped to think [...]

ComputerWorld: What is the NOC and for what it is?

2018-11-05T17:02:58-03:0015/08/2018|Categories: About Us, In the Press, Services and Solutions|Tags: , , , , |

In an article published by ComputerWorld Portal, Sandra Woodward, Nap IT Sales Director, explains how the Network Operations Center (NOC) helps companies manage their technology environments In an increasingly globalized and connected world, a simple internet downturn can jeopardize all the company operations. Many companies typically use part of their IT professionals to control this [...]

Nap IT expands portfolio with collaboration solutions Zoom

2018-11-05T16:44:21-03:0031/07/2018|Categories: Nap IT Backstage, Videoconferência|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

In partnership with Mexican distributor West Telco, Nap IT is now the official Zoom collaboration solutions reseller in Brazil with telepresence and unified communications options Nap IT believes that the efficient technology resources use is essential to improving all sizes and segments companies competitiveness. And for it, nothing better than offering tools and solutions in [...]

Faster Internet: Network Tuning renews Corporate Wireless

2018-11-05T16:36:54-03:0018/07/2018|Categories: Network Tuning, Wireless|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

See how Luis Lhullier transformed Corporate Wireless from an office in New York using only Network Tuning settings and settings Have you ever thought about going to the cafeteria next to your office to use Wi-Fi and work? More than unpleasant, it would be a complete loss to your company operation, right? That was exactly [...]

Computer Network Failures: How to avoid?

2018-09-14T16:02:09-03:0011/07/2018|Categories: Services and Solutions|Tags: , , |

See what your business needs to do to create a stable environment by anticipating failures in the Computer Network in a smarter and more practical way When we talk in "unstable network", what comes to your mind is the connection to the internet. Right? After all, having to deal with Web access failures is the [...]

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