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[Video 2] Corporate Wireless: Do not improvise and be beyond the merely planned

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Improvised Wireless, Planned or Corporate? Understand the advantages of working with a wireless network that delivers high performance and environmental safety Do you know how the Wireless Networks implementation starts? Most of the time, businesses start with an impromptu network. But, this integration model becomes vulnerable to performance problems, generating constant signal drops and security [...]

Find out the Wireless integration step that your company is in

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Learn the advantages and disadvantages of integrating 3 wireless networks modes Everyone knows that makeshift Wireless is not enough to have quality access to the point of meeting corporate needs. Over time, due to the growth and need for wireless connections performance, companies improve network infrastructure by investing in Planned Wireless. But to go further [...]

Wireless Corporate: 5 Advantages for your company

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The corporate wireless implementation, with the right resources adoption, allows organizations to enjoy the advantages and benefits Recently, we present the three ways in which companies usually integrate wireless networks: the improvised, the planned and the corporate. For each of them, we show some pros and cons and the situations in which they are applied. [...]

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