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[Video 2] Corporate Wireless: Do not improvise and be beyond the merely planned

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Improvised Wireless, Planned or Corporate? Understand the advantages of working with a wireless network that delivers high performance and environmental safety Do you know how the Wireless Networks implementation starts? Most of the time, businesses start with an impromptu network. But, this integration model becomes vulnerable to performance problems, generating constant signal drops and security [...]

Solve the 5 most insistent Wireless problems

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Find out what the main complaints about Wireless are and know the tips that our wireless network experts offer to solve them  Allowing more mobility, providing management features and reducing costs are some of the real gains that the Wireless network presents to the business routine. However, for many reasons, many companies still act with [...]

Wireless: How to choose the best technology for my company?

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Planning is critical to achieving any business objective, and it even influences the technologies choice success to make the business work Many companies find installing a Wireless network simple, but just installing Access Points is not enough to have quality access to the meeting point the corporate needs. We must go beyond to avoid problems. [...]

Why is my company’s Wireless havings problem and how can I solve it?

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When the wireless network does not connect, lives down, and does not support the increase in data traffic, the negative impact on a company's productivity and results may be greater than imagined A company's Wi-Fi network may experience many faults if it is not suitable for its operation. These problems can be a lack of [...]

Assessment: customer satisfaction and contracts recurrence

2018-09-14T14:00:55-03:0003/08/2016|Categories: Network Analysis, Network Infrastructure|Tags: , , , , |

Focus on the good service added the Assessment application generates services quality the and makes all the difference to guarantee the client trust Beyond services, what companies look for in a technology consultancy are solutions that make the difference for their business, and that end up reflecting on trust in their suppliers. It is the [...]

EKahau Site Survey: 6 New Differentiated Features for Wireless Integration

2018-11-04T23:21:08-03:0019/07/2016|Categories: Network Analysis, Network Infrastructure, Network Tuning, Wireless|Tags: , , , , |

Tool has advanced feature differentiators that help IT professionals optimize time analysis on Wi-Fi network projects For those who need to analyze performance, plan and manage wireless networks, a tool option is the Ekahau Site Survey (ESS), which can be used in new projects or in the environments improvement that already have the configured Wi-Fi [...]

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